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Cardy is the first exchange for credit card benefits, allowing you to tap into other people's deals that they don't use.
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How it works

Maximize Your Rewards,
Using Others'

Cardy is a marketplace that brings together shoppers and card holders, who sell us their benefits. As a shopper, you will be able to tap into a large pool (thousands!) of unique and high-yield cashback deals.

Instantly, Not Within
3 Billing Cycles

Traditionally, cashback deals do not mean discounts. You pay the full amount up front and get the money back later - this can be up to 3 billing cycles later. With Cardy, you only pay for the discounted amount, as promised.

Coming Soon

Cash-In Benefits You'd
Have Never Used

Put your rewards to work! Sign up as a Benefits Provider and let others use your unused credit card benefits. Cardy will seamlessly make a payment through your card, reimburse you immediately, and give you a percentage of the reward.

How it works



Dowload the Cardy Chrome Extension



Once you land on a website where a fellow Cardy member has a deal, you'll be prompted to open the extension



Open the extension and submit your order & shipping details



We will go ahead and place the order for you and send you the confirmation. You'll have 30 min to pay the discounted amount.



Your item is on the way!